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About Us


It all started out as a hobby among a few college/university friends selling small appliances and electronics (MP3 players, kitchen appliances, headphones, etc.) during weekends at flea markets and fairs. Frankly, it was a fun and casual activity that just happened to earn the group a little extra spending money. But because it was profitable, the small "business" sustained itself for a few years, even as each member of the group eventually finished school, pursued different career paths, and gradually disbanded as opportunities in different parts of the world were presented. The year that the very first iPhone was released, what remained of the group decided to try selling some phone cases in addition to MP3 players at their weekend stall. The cases were a hit and the demand was instantly noticeable. After running the flea market stand for a few more years, Keevin Lai and Justing Ng quit their then-current jobs to commit to their smartphone accessories business full time.

Fast forward to today

Exian Products has become one of the top suppliers of smartphone accessories in the lower mainland, serving numerous retailers such as People's Drug Mart and Bestbuy online. The rapid rate of smartphone adoption over the course of just a few years triggered a huge demand in related accessories. Consequently, many competing businesses were born. However, we believe that competition can only be beneficial for the end consumers, which is coherent with our core belief of doing our best to offer the greatest value to customers. Since we were in the industry from the beginning, we utilize the expertise and experience we accumulated to our advantage.

Mission Statement

Focusing on customer service, our main goal is to be able to provide our range of goods to any retailer regardless of location. Whether the order is in the immediate area or requires some logistical coordination, Exian Products is perfectly willing to spend the extra effort in order to ensure customer satisfaction. In an ever changing technological landscape, we know that the first steps into a new market can appear risky and even daunting. We put what expertise, knowledge and observations we have accumulated at your service in order to make the transition into a new market as simple as possible.

As the company and customer base grows, a greater variety of products are constantly brought in and integrated into the catalog by means of market research as well as customer feedback. By continuously tracking market trends and the advent of new technologies, Exian Products strives to bring a comprehensive and current range of products at competitive prices.

Founding Partners

Keevin Lai

Justin Ng

Zoheb Somani